Jetpack Rollerskating

Skating Wile E. Coyote-style

Answering the preeminent question of our time:

How fast could I roller skate if I had a jetpack?

My role in this project

I designed and built this jetpack to make sure nobody got ‘sploded

In the press

The Jetpack Rollerskating project can be found on HackadayInstructablesAdaFruit, Boing Boing, Nerdist, and Yahoo News

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Special thanks to Manny Bansal, Andi Musil Branicky, Lindsay Chapman, Lee Connor, Nathan Clark, Umit Erol, Erahlea Haidet, Kira Heeley, Matt Hummel, John Kasunich, Ian Keating-Mullaney, Jason Kerestes, Amy Kling, Next Level Skate Shop, Aaron Phillips, Venchise Phillips, Andrew Ratcliff, Craig Rockwell, Paul Sobota, Stella, Nori Swennes, and Misha Villanueva