Ian Charnas

I am an artist and engineer who aims to inspire creativity and the belief that you can do anything.

Visit a makerspace and innovation center I helped start that is open to all

Book a group that blends musical lightning and high-voltage theatrics

Swing through a larger-than-life waterfall without getting wet

Rock out with windshield wipers that sync to the beat of your music

Hang out with the talking backpack from Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Try to spot this real-life invisibility shield

Get the 36 emoji that you were never supposed to see.

Check out this demo of a real-life Mario Kart built for Microsoft HoloLens

Use these cards to answer the question, "What do I say here?"

Relieve your COVID-19 pandemic stress with this robot head massager

Decontaminate an N95 in just 1 minute with this specialized UV-C chamber

Start your own COVID-19 face shield manufacturing line

Adventure onto the frozen Great Lakes to enjoy a pop-up cafe

Surprise yourself with the strength of corrugated fiberboard chairs and tables

Try to spot this minimalist boat on the waters of Lake Erie

See this computer-controlled laminar jet pour the perfect amount of beverage

Discover how liquid Nitrogen can cast melted chocolate into medallions

Watch a Millennium Falcon model fly using quantum levitation

See a video game that claims to produce love bites on human players

See one-woman ghost choir, Uno Lady, perform with her scissor suitcase

Get expert advice on managing your makerspace in this audio/video series

Learn about the world's first live-video mustache app, created four years before Snapchat's filters

Download this nostalgic (novelty) collection of windows 95 viruses

Relive a special event where musicians heard their music played through lightning

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