Ian Charnas

I am an artist and engineer who aims to inspire creativity and the belief that you can do anything.

Find out how fast I can skate with a jet engine strapped to my back

Rock out with windshield wipers that sync to the beat of your music

Try to spot this real-life invisibility shield

Visit a makerspace and innovation center I helped start that is open to all

Book a group that blends musical lightning and high-voltage theatrics

Swing through a larger-than-life waterfall without getting wet

Play the world's only portable nuclear powered video game system

Check out this demo of a real-life Mario Kart built for Microsoft HoloLens

Hang out with this talking backpack I left in a public park

Relieve your COVID-19 pandemic stress with this robot head massager

Decontaminate an N95 in just 1 minute with this specialized UV-C chamber

Start your own COVID-19 face shield manufacturing line

Adventure onto the frozen Great Lakes to enjoy a pop-up cafe

Surprise yourself with the strength of corrugated fiberboard chairs and tables

Try to spot this minimalist boat on the waters of Lake Erie