Frostbites Cafe

Pop-up cafe on ice

On March 8, 2015, a restaurant briefly appeared 1/4 mile north of Ohio on the frozen Lake Erie.

No invitations had been sent, but thanks to a nearby park and social media, over 400 people braved the journey to explore a frozen landscape and investigate the distant structure, where free hot chocolate and chili waited to meet them.

My role in all of this

If you live in a part of the world that gets very cold in the winter, it’s a good idea to come up with a reason to look forward to the temperature dropping.

When the top 24 inches of Lake Erie froze in 2015, the next step seemed rather obvious.

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Jared Akerstrom, Ed Burwell, Boris Brezo, Kalyn V Brown, Sam Cahill, Nathan Clark, Andy Curlowe, T. Nick Domitrovic, Theodore Ferringer, Ben Guengerich, Jonny Hall, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Taylor Floy Hoffman, Julie Hutchison, Francois Gast, Lara Kalafatis, Beth Kelly, Kyllea Kerg, Frances Killea, Tom Kondilas, Frank Lanza, Frances Lee, Steph Lee, Valerie Mayen, Maggie McGuire, Bill Rabbitt, Andrew Ratcliff, Nick Riley, Paul Sobota, Kate Sopko, Divya Sridhar, Nigamanth Sridhar, Crystin Stoll, Jason Tilk, Brooke Willis, Katy Witkowski, Lauren Yeager, Brian Zimmerman, and all others who assisted.

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