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Thor's Hammer

Thor Cosplay with Real Lightning!

On this episode of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Zap Me, I created a replica of Thor’s hammer using 3D printing and electroplating, and then I hit it with artificial lightning bolts to see if it catches fire. As one does.

Watch the video to see a music video featuring Thor and musical lightning bolts!

My role in this project

I built the hammer, and am the founder of the Tesla Orchestra – the musical tesla coil group featured in the video.

After the video went live, the Thor Hammer was raffled off to support Reinvented Magazine – a charity working to inspire young women to stay involved in science and engineering.

In the press

The Thor’s Hammer project can be found on Hackaday, Game Rant, and Instructables

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Special thanks to Allie of Geeky Faye, Rohan Akolkar, Emily Appelbaum, Alex Bate, Jack Black, Bleeptrack, Brenden Beecy, Matthew Canel, Alex at Cleveland Camera Rental, Dane & Nicole from 8 Bits and a Byte, Dave Darko, Chris Dickey, Andrew Dupuis, Zack Freedman, François Gast, George from Technically Woodworking, Colin Hickey, Matthew Hummel, Ingenuity Cleveland, Jennifer Karnik, Vin Karnik, John Kasunich, Etienne Massicotte, Ian Keating-Mullaney, Tyler Laseter, Caeley Looney, Mel, Erika Neola, Arkady Polinkovsky, Andrew Ratcliff, Reinvented Magazine, Marc Schaefermeyer, Simple Electronics, Steph from Uncommon Outpost, Tesla Orchestra, Testbild, and Wes from Geeksmithing

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