Ian Charnas

Tesla Orchestra

Musical lightning bolts

We use technology to entertain audiences around the world. Since our first performance at Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival in 2009, the group has entertained audiences everywhere from Austria and Mexico to Croatia (the birth country of Nikola Tesla) and more.

Tesla Orchestra plays Reformat the Planet
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Giant twin tesla coils

We designed and built the world’s largest twin musical tesla coils. The electrical spark has been “tuned” to vibrate the air just like a speaker to produce music.

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Dancing with lightning

As the performer, I dance and interact with the bolts of electricity produced by the Tesla coils, and stay safe thanks to a full-body chain maille suit that safely conducts the electricity to earth ground. 

Brass Trio from The Cleveland Orchestra performs with mini tesla coils
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Mini coils now available

Up to four “mini” tesla coils are used to entertain smaller audiences. The sparks can be controlled by professional musicians such as the brass trio from The Cleveland Orchestra seen in this video.
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Robotic claw game

This unique side show is a fun addition to any special event. Participants use a joystick to move a giant claw through the air and see how high they can stack their cubes before their tower topples.

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My role in all of this

I co-founded this group in 2009 and continue to help build and maintain the equipment as well as perform in the shows.

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Chris Dickey, John Kasunich, Arkady Polinkovsky, John Forcina, and all past members, along with our sponsors and every person and organization that helped us along the way

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