Ian Charnas

Real-Life PunchOut!

Can You Beat Mike Tyson?

There is really only one scenario where I beat Mike Tyson in boxing, and it involves a lot of AI and hacking.

Try it yourself at https://reallifepunchout.com/

My role in this project

I hacked the original NES Punch-Out video game so that you control it by moving your body instead of using a control pad.

Also, I maaaay have added an electric shocking armband that gives you a high voltage shock if your character gets hit in the game.

In the press

Real-Life Punchout was featured on Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Hackaday, Gigazine, Hackster, MAKE: Zine, AdaFruit, and other fine media outlets. 

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Special thanks to Lisa Barto, Jared Bendis, Chris Dickey, DisasterMo, Valtteri “tsone” Heikkila, Max Hoyle, Noah Hrbek, Chad Kapper, KoachKrab127, Luxonis-Erik, Nick Mikstas, NESdoug, Joe Osborn, Charles Peachock, Drew Ratcliff, Sears think[box], Jess Sheeran, and Sam Young

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