Ian Charnas


Portrait of build crew on the deck of the Raftmaninoff

This counts as a boat

This “boat” met the minimum requirements set forth by the Ohio Division of Watercraft for a vessel of its size.

Registered as a pontoon boat less than 14 feet in length and with a permanently affixed means of propulsion of less than 10 horsepower, this motorized raft cost $120 to build and achieved speeds in excess of 1 mile per hour (when traveling in the same direction as the wind).

My role in all of this

I’ve always wanted to explore life out on the open waters, but I could never get excited about one of those store-bought boats.

When another project left me with some leftover 55-gallon barrels, the next step seemed rather obvious.

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Marcus Brathwaite, Ainsley Buckner, Boris Brezo, Ed Burwell, Ashley Garcia, Ben Guengerich, Ben Horvat, Lauren Huffman, Maggie McGuire, Terry Metter, Haley Himiko Hudson Morris, and Taylor Sue Nagy

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