Ian Charnas

PleasureBot 9000

Finally, a good robot

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I built a robot to massage us while we’re all alone. Get yours while supplies last at iancharnas.com/pleasurebot

All proceeds go to provide PPE for healthcare workers through the non-profit, Get Us PPE

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GetUsPPE.org, Jacquelyn Adams, Michael Arcuri, Laura Avery, Bee Brown, Roger Bühler, Russ Cendrowski, Matt Fitzpatrick, Gregory Goetz, Badar Kayani, Ben Kinsley, Erin Kray, J McDonald, Elliott Rasile, Drew Ratcliff, Roger Scheve, Jessica Sheeran, Paul Sobota, Kara Stokowski, Nori Swennes, Jay Wirtanen

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