Ian Charnas

Nuclear Powered Gameboy

Beautifully inefficient

A full hour of gameplay for a mere… 2 months of charging? Wait, that can’t be right, can it? It might not be efficient, but it’s pretty cool, and just safe enough to not get a visit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission!

Watch the video or read the Instructable to learn how to build your own Tritium-based DIY Nuclear Generator.

My role in this project

It seemed wise at the time for me to build a DIY Nuclear Generator and slap it to the back of a portable video game system. What could go wrong?!

After the video for this project went live, the Nuclear Powered “Gameboy” was raffled off to support children living near the Chernobyl disaster.

In the press

The Nuclear Powered “Gameboy” project can be found on GizmodoHackaday, Vice, Gamespot, Hackster, India TimesThe Gamer, Screen Rant, Nintendo Wire, Gigazine, and Gaming Bible

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Special thanks to Allie from Geeky Faye, Emily Appelbaum, Mike Arcuri, Chernobyl Children’s International, Sam Harmon, Colin Hickey, Ingenuity Cleveland, Alex J’rassic, John Kasunich, Mai Morrissey, Donovan from Once Upon a Workbench, Girish Padhy, Arkady Polinkovsky, Andrew Ratcliff, Paul Sobota, Nori Swennes, Steph from Uncommon Outpost, and Richard Tomazin.

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