Inbox Zero

Spend less time on email

Does your work follow you home? Do you spend every spare moment on email and yet still feel behind? If you find email stressful, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from email overload – that feeling that your inbox is out of control.

In this book, discover the 3-step strategy I used to shrink my email time from 6 hours a day to just a single 1-hour session.

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My role in all of this

I receive more than 200 emails a day, so processing these efficiently is vital to ensure I’m spending most of my time on important projects and not on email.

After years of trying different productivity strategies, I developed one that really worked for me, and I knew that it was worth sharing as a book.

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Edited by Akiko Yamagata, proofread by George Goga, book design by Mayfly Design, cover photos by Daniel Milner and Paul Sobota, and embroidered badge by John Young of NerdMeritBadges.