Ian Charnas


Real Life Mario Kart!

In this augmented reality racing game demo, players zoom around a track in real-life go-karts and pick up virtual power-ups to boost their kart’s speed or slow down the competition.

The virtual power-ups are generated by a Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset on each player. The speed boosts (and reductions) are provided by some electronics I created that extend an existing go-kart system with this functionality.

My role in this project

I recruited a talented team including a 3D animator, video game music composer, and programmer. Together with my electronics and radio communications knowledge, we built everything you see in the demo video. 


In the press

HoloKart coverage can be found on Hackaday and Boing Boing.

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Chris Dickey, Xyla Foxlin, James Gasparatos, Mark Griswold, Erin Henninger, Jaron Hickman, Jeff Hoisington, John Kasunich, Ray Krajci, Jim Kulakowski, Tyler Laseter, Zach Matuszak, Jeff Mlakar, Robert Sakosky, Larry Sears, Paul Sobota, Prashast Thapan, Thu Tran, Savanna Weaver

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