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Stop wondering what to say

If you’ve ever said something over email and then regretted it later, you know how stressful email can be.

Email Strategy Cards is a deck of 64 email responses for difficult situations, plucked from decades of professional experience. The next time you’re stuck on what to say, flip through these examples to find the perfect thing to say.

Includes four themes

SAY NO without feeling guilty to meeting requests, new projects, and many other common requests.

SAY YES while balancing your time by setting clear expectations about what you are committing to.

BOUNCE the ball back to their court when you need more details, or just more time to make a decision.

DEFUSE emotionally charged and stressful situations with a calm, friendly response.

Email Strategy Cards explainer video

Makes a great gift

Give these to the professionals, graduates, and productivity geeks in your life, or anyone you know that spends too much time on email. Includes a USA-made nickel-plated binding ring to help keep the cards organized, and a 2-part premium rigid case to protect them and to make for a wonderful gift-giving experience.

Origin story

Read the origin story article on Freshwater to learn how my private notebook of useful phrases for difficult situations turned into a successful Kickstarter project that blasted through the entire thirty-day funding goal in just the first eight hours of the campaign.

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My role in all of this

When I first started using email, I got stuck all the time wondering how to say things in ways that showed that I care. Decades later, I created these cards to help others find the right words to say.

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Video and photos by Paul Sobota (with cameos by Badar Kayani and Ruth D’Emilia), graphic designs by Ksenija Almazova, proofreading by Elizabeth Swanson, and printing by Make Playing Cards.

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