Dancing Wipers

Every car should have this

Solving what may be one of the greatest problems to ever face humanity, I modified my car so the windshield wipers sync to the beat of whatever music I’m listening to.

My role in this project

I yearned for a better future. A future in which automotive accessories could feel the rhythm of sweet, sweet music. 


Then, I created a provisional patent application (62907689) for this idea, auctioned it on eBay, and donated the money to charities supporting makers at the K-12 and College levels.

Ian and Matt dancing with the windshield wipers
GIF credit: Alex Bate of raspberrypi.org

In the press

The Dancing Wipers project can be found on Gizmodo, ABCBoing Boing, RaspberryPi, Hackaday, AdaFruit, and a science & technology program on German TV called Galileo.

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Sebastian Böck, Chris Dickey, Matt Fitzpatrick, Xyla Foxlin, Ari Howard, John Kasunich, James Pequignot, Larry Sears, Paul Sobota, Thu Tran, Jason Workman